Jeremy Mayfield: Another Drug War Victim

Posted: July 16th, 2009 | Filed under: amphetamine, drugs, marijuana | 2 Comments »

Jeremy Mayfield Drug War Victim

In its wrangling with Jeremy Mayfield, NASCAR confuses having a positive drug test with actual impairment.* Stimulants are used to assist in driving. (Coffee anyone?) If Mayfield does use methamphetamine, it is clear that he does so in a responsible manner.** Unfortunately, in the War on Drugs that is irrelevant.

* The Drug Czar recently made the same error when he raised alarms about the percentage of drivers testing positive for marijuana (LINK). He did not bother to note that marijuana’s psychoactive effects only last hours while trace amounts can stay in the system for up to a month.

** For testimony about Mayfield’s work ethic from his manager, a former police officer, go to this LINK.


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