Flaming Lips Frontman Digs My Book

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Wayne Coyne

Wayne Coyne, lead singer of The Flaming Lips, wrote a blurb for my book, You Will Die: The Burden of Modern Taboos. I’m honored that an artist of his caliber was willing to help an extremely controversial book. In an era where commercial promotions account for a large portion of a prominent artist’s income, it was a courageous act.

Here it is in its entirety:

The Burden of Modern Taboos ……… America is, hopefully, coming to the conclusion that marijuana and gay people are not the feared, destroyers that the conservative propaganda wanted us to believe … having said that … I don’t know if America will ever be the radical “freak for all” that Mr. Arthur is pushing for … But heck ya gotta fight back against the Sarah Palin “idiot herd” with something ………… Wayne..2010

The Flaming Lips are an alternative rock band from Oklahoma City. They have been nominated for six Grammies and have won three. In 2002, Britain’s Q magazine named The Flaming Lips one of the “50 Bands to See Before You Die.”

To see more endorsements of You Will Die: The Burden of Modern Taboos go to its web page. You Will Die can also be found at Amazon.

Flaming Lips Links: Wikipedia, Official Site

4 Comments on “Flaming Lips Frontman Digs My Book”

  1. 1 cobino shaft said at 9:38 am on April 12th, 2010:

    coyne needs some tea, might wake you up liberal bastard!!!

    this is jack hole asshole

    “… ya gotta fight back against the Sarah Palin ‘idiot herd’ with something.”

    Wayne Coyne, Lead Singer of The Flaming Lips

  2. 2 cobino shaft said at 9:39 am on April 12th, 2010:

    your book sound great but i can’t support the idiots that like it…

  3. 3 Reynolds said at 9:42 am on April 27th, 2010:

    your site rules dude keep it up

  4. 4 moses said at 5:34 pm on April 22nd, 2011:

    how about updating your website you lazy dick head?