Deadly Nuts: If Peanuts Were Portrayed Like E

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Drug War Logic

This cartoon is based on national news coverage of an ecstasy (MDMA) death in 2002 and the anti-E government ads that followed. E kills roughly 3-9 Americans a year. Peanuts kill roughly 50-100 Americans a year. The death rate of first-time ecstasy users has been estimated by one study to be between .002% to .05%. Comparatively, .1% of Americans are estimated to have a life-threatening peanut allergy.

To read about golfing on E go to this post.


  1. Robert Arthur, You Will Die: The Burden of Modern Taboos (2007). LINK

50 Comments on “Deadly Nuts: If Peanuts Were Portrayed Like E”

  1. 1 Nombre said at 10:15 am on March 4th, 2008:

    Well, E is for getting high(perhaps also used medically? They sure made my outlook on life improve) and peanuts are a common food, but a point well made. 3 – 9 people a year in America! What were the cause of the deaths? Could a ‘normal’ dose of ‘good’ MDMA kill anyone?

  2. 2 Dylan said at 10:52 am on March 4th, 2008:

    I know that one of the reasons people die from E is because of the dangerous substances that are used to thin it out, so it can be sold for more profit.

    Pure MDMA is only deadly in high doses.

  3. 3 Salesman said at 12:22 pm on March 4th, 2008:

    MDMA can kill you if taken in conjunction with certain prescription medicines and ant-depressants. Even Viagra, depending on your heart/blood pressure.
    As Ecstasy it gets degraded with impurities like MDE, MDA, Caffeine, and even DXM (for those who have robo-tripped).

  4. 4 Spike said at 1:55 pm on March 4th, 2008:

    Thats a poorly constructed argument. First of all, E can have longer lasting repercussions physically and psychologically. Also, lots of things kill more people than E, that doesn’t mean that E is good for people. Over-reaction to drugs in the media is comically stupid, thats true. But taking specific statistics and examples while ignoring a wild field of other information to manipulate a point is just as ridiculous. Good art though.

  5. 5 m said at 2:36 pm on March 4th, 2008:

    yo. fuck you guy who doesnt like drugs…
    and mdma is actually alot safer than one might think. there is a legitamate case in which a guy took inbetween 3 and 7 e pills a day, for well over two years, and while his mind was indeed pretty much blown to hell, his bodily processes were still functioning fine, and he was happy. try taking any other non vitamin pill 5 times a day for two years and see how your organs look after that. and while it can have lasting psychological effects, most of the documented effects are actually BENEFICIAL. including better mood and a very high increase in feelings of self acceptance.

  6. 6 mikes said at 2:59 pm on March 4th, 2008:

    anything that increases self-awareness or expands the mind is seen as a threat by the corporations that control the world. The last thing they want is people who doublethink the orders they give out.

    If there is hope, it is in the proles.

  7. 7 Lulz said at 7:19 pm on March 4th, 2008:

    Peanuts don’t cause brain damage last time I checked.

  8. 8 Lulz's lolpwner said at 10:15 pm on March 4th, 2008:

    Neither does E, so says the new research.

    Lol, shut da fuck up.

  9. 9 Rob said at 10:24 pm on March 4th, 2008:

    whoa man, last time I checked, MDMA doesn’t cause brain damage either, it is currently being applied in many countries around the world for its variety of clinical uses including Isreal, Swiss, and even in the United States. This is not something new or recent either, in fact the use dates back to the 1970’s and 1980’s by Alexander Shulgin and his wife for psycho-pharmaceutical use in therapy with patients who had suppressed memories or traumatic experiences links as follows


  10. 10 chris said at 12:53 am on March 5th, 2008:

    When you die from E your generally not dieing from the chemicals in it, mdma or any of the other filler chemicals. You die from being a jackass and getting dehydrated and overheating your body. Just drink water and consider yourself safe. If your going to do drugs learn what your doing first or just go die, it’ll make the world a little smarter/safer.

  11. 11 spedoinkle said at 1:25 pm on March 5th, 2008:

    chris ftw!!! good answer!

  12. 12 johan said at 3:22 pm on March 5th, 2008:

    I am not for or against drugs. Everybody should be free to choose which mushrooms they eat and which they use for garnish. I can’t condole people telling other people what they should or should not do, whether that is taking drugs or not taking drugs. Those are the ones who rob us from all our freedoms. Our parents are the worst and often very mis-informed or un-informed about these matters and mostly driven by fear. Sadly where fear reigns love can not exist.

  13. 13 Sergio said at 4:56 pm on March 5th, 2008:

    Looks like those junior high creative writing classes are really paying off Johan.

  14. 14 M said at 5:47 pm on March 5th, 2008:

    Actually, people who are said to “die from E” usually die because of massive dehydration and hyperthermia due to heat/dancing/not drinking enough non-alcoholic drinks, NOT the drug per se.

  15. 15 Ted Bunsen said at 7:23 pm on March 5th, 2008:

    E is for losers.

  16. 16 Pinochio said at 7:47 pm on March 5th, 2008:


  17. 17 James said at 8:17 pm on March 5th, 2008:

    Anyone who argues that E isn’t bad for you should shut the fuck up because that’s a biased opinion just like the opinion that E is overly dangerous. The simple truth is that E is bad for you (maybe not as bad as the media portrays it but still bad), if you use E then you probably don’t think so and you’re going to come up with some misinformed opinion you got off some hippy website run by clueless cunts like yourself. So if you really want to prove E isn’t bad for you go take 20 pills or so, then E will serve a useful purpose, killing stupid cunts like you.

  18. 18 nornerator said at 8:41 pm on March 5th, 2008:

    I have never taken E, but I find the comic above both informative and hilarious.

    The drug war in this country is ridiculous. The media/government would try to make it seem like drugs are responsible for all the violence and immorality of our society. Drugs are simply a scapegoat for the government to turn to.

    The majority of illegal “fun” drugs are not nearly as dangerous as the media makes them out to be. In fact, prohibition of some of these drugs is what makes them dangerous. In this article it is referenced to how people will cut MDMA with unsavory chemicals in order to sell it for more money. This would not happen if it were legal and regulated.

    I am not saying drugs are good for you. Simply that they are not nearly as bad as they are made out to be.

    I mean, one of the most harmless substances on the planet cannabis, has been banned by the FDA in opposition to the medical community and the medical evidence about cannabis. It is not surprising that other drugs are misrepresented by the media and government.

    Like a poster said above, mind expanding drugs are made illegal in order to keep the public from actually thinking about what is going on in the world.

    Not that drugs are necessary to really think outside the box, but that so many people in this country are trained to stay close to the center of the box via religion and patriotism. Using mind expanding drugs can force the mind into openness and seeing what is before it is filtered. This is uncomfortable for many, being forcibly ripped from your small box and into the vast openness of thought and possibilities

  19. 19 jew said at 12:17 am on March 6th, 2008:

    how bout just not take drugs and thing you’re allergic to and everyone will be alright…. kind of

  20. 20 wiggles said at 12:56 am on March 6th, 2008:

    Now I’m all about drugs and I think the drug war is stupid and a waste of resources and whatnot, but this ad is way oversimplified and does not convey the message well.

    You can’t compare E to peanuts, just because you can die from both.

    A .05% chance to die the first time you do it? That’s one in 200 people, which leads me to believe that the statistic of 3-9 people dying per year is complete bullshit.

    And its not weed, regular use of the drug for a while would most likely result in some form of long-term effect, despite the single example of someone in good health that someone had mentioned.

    You guys suck.

  21. 21 yer mom said at 1:17 am on March 6th, 2008:

    actually one in 2000, and “some form of long-term effect” sounds like a sure sell to me….

  22. 22 mark said at 5:54 am on March 6th, 2008:

    Oh god whatever. I don’t know how many people in the US have taken E, and I don’t know how many people in the US have eaten peanuts. I would put money on it that the number of people who died from E related causes divided by the number of people who have taken E is much greater than the number of people who died from peanut allergy divided by the number of people who eat peanuts. You can’t say “ooh ooh BAN PEANUTS because like 500 PEOPLE DIED FROM IT and only 9 died from ecstacy!!!”. More people eat peanuts. Duh.

  23. 23 scott said at 12:03 pm on March 6th, 2008:

    fuck you if you don’t like peanuts as much as E. Yea peanuts are good but ecstacy is better in many ways. Maybe we should ban peanuts and skippy and jif should start selling E instead.

  24. 24 smurfs said at 12:50 pm on March 6th, 2008:

    you guys are all morons.

    it’s obviously supposed to be a witty commentary.

    why don’t you start taking things a little less seriously.

  25. 25 Mike said at 1:48 pm on March 6th, 2008:

    Most of the comments on here are so stupid.
    Drugs are worse then peanuts, there’s no denying it. Oh and before you ask, I know this from vast experience.

  26. 26 J said at 9:14 pm on March 6th, 2008:

    It’s all about whether prohibiting drug use does more good or harm for society. There are countless examples across the globe of drug use being treated more effectively as a medical problem instead of a criminal one. As a solution, it’s cheaper, better, and more humane, completely irrespective of whether you approve of pill popping. The only reason to insist on the criminalization of drugs is if it’s more important to you to punish lawbreakers than it is to fix the problems society faces.

    End of story.

  27. 27 D said at 6:30 pm on March 8th, 2008:

    Even if the cartoon is a joke, debate is good. It is good to see people discuss this issue. It is not very good that most of the posts were abusive, but that’s the Internet for you. . .

    Most of us will agree that criminalizing recreational drug use is bad. I’m for legalizing drugs and providing assistance to people who wish to quit if they feel they are addicted.

    That does not mean that using E is good for your brain. But hey, it is your body, and it is your decision what to put into it. Prisons are full with people on drug related charges, and smoking a joint is no worse than binge drinking –in fact it is probably a lot better.

    In the case of ecstasy, fine with me. Just know what your in for: you will cause long-term consequences for your brain’s pleasure-pathways. Long-term use may result in difficulty feeling happiness from your bodies dopamine pathways. That is your choice, I do believe you have the right to do it.

    We should allow people to use drugs for fun. But we should be discussing why it is that people would want to do a drug in the first place. I can meditate into a state of Euphoria when I choose to. It takes time, but it is definitely possible.

    A drug is just a shortcut to that state. You can produce any feeling or condition in your mind that you wish.

    I have a lot of drug experience myself. While I don’t think drugs should be banned, I think each individual needs to consider what they want to get out of the experience, and why they feel they need drugs to produce mental states they desire.

    But it makes no difference to me.

  28. 28 Iluvdrugs!!! said at 4:13 pm on March 10th, 2008:

    ppl die on e from dehydration cuz there retarted and dont drink, not b/c the e it self will kill u

  29. 29 B said at 2:02 am on March 11th, 2008:

    Im with D on this one.
    There is plenty to ruin you out there, booze and ciggys are probably the worst statistically, and over the many years of substance use in history have been banned at one time or another. E is one of a number of popular substances in use today, and at various periods and locations throughout civilisation other drugs have been popular. Some which were regulated and legal, and others which have been illegal. One thing for sure, there is always money surrounding addictive pleasurable passtimes. And what is legal or not, and what is popular or not swings back and forth. As does the legal opinion surrounding there use.
    There is a case to be made for both extreme views. So ultimately it will come down to an individuals decision as to the extent they precipitate in drug use. People should be given information and left to decide their own course in life, and everyone should respect what they decide to do with the precious time we have here on this earth.
    Great works of art, and thinking can come from drug use, but death and illness are a possibility. Being alive comes with the same risks, and ones own pursuit of happiness whilst not interfering with another persons, should be all that matters. And if you could help some other people in your spare time then all the better.

  30. 30 David said at 4:42 pm on March 12th, 2008:

    I’ve always been an advocate of drug legalization, but lately, seeing discussions like this one online, I’m starting to rethink that, because most of the people on my side are complete idiots, so drugs probably do make you stupid.

    Then I realise that the other side is just as bad.

    Harm is only a small part of the issue. People should be free to do what they want to their own bodies, harmful or not. (Exceptions for ages at which making an informed decision is not possible). No, the majority of illegal drugs are not nearly as harmful as we are meant to believe, some are (under some circumstances of use), harmless. Regardless, anything that doesn’t harm another person, and perhaps animal or environment depending on the particulars (environment in cases that indirectly harm other people, i.e. toxic waste dumping etc. etc., not like “oh look I pulled a leaf off a plant”) should be legal. True and balanced information should be provided, and help available to those who need it. Drug addiction is a public health concern, not a criminal one.

  31. 31 Joshua said at 8:12 pm on March 12th, 2008:

    Shit, you guys. I’m rolling right now.

  32. 32 Caroline said at 12:00 am on March 13th, 2008:

    Fuck all this E bullshit. Don’t take E, it’s cut with nasty shit! Take Mali, it’s pure MDMA, no cutters, so you roll you’ve never rolled before, and no side affects…

  33. 33 drtwoball said at 8:02 am on March 15th, 2008:


  34. 34 Sam said at 8:26 am on March 15th, 2008:

    I am destroying my body with drugs and loving every minute of it. MDMA is fantastic, as are many other drugs, which, used in moderation, will never have any lasting side effects. I, for myself, am not worried about moderation. The worst drug I do is alcohol, because of ITS side effects, and because of how readily available it is. I think I might get some rolls tonight, its been a while…

  35. 35 Cody said at 10:06 am on March 15th, 2008:

    I am pretty sure I lost quite a few brain cells reading these posts. I remember when I thought drugs were ok… like when I was using them. Don’t get me wrong I think you should try whatever you want to, just realize that all your doing in buying an artificial state of well being. There is nothing a drug can make you feel that you couldn’t experience without it if you thought about it hard enough. You like to “Blow Up”? Go get a massage. You like to “tweak” just go work on some little mundane task for hours upon hours or find a few other like minded friends, sit in a room without moving for hours on end and have a “really good” conversation about all the shit you have done. You like opiates? Yea well so did I, if you find anything that makes you feel like that without killing you let me know, personally I’m still working on it. Moral of the story: drugs are fun, they make you feel good and have a good time. But in the end you are usually wasting money on a passing feeling that you could have gotten for free and at no risk of doing too much or getting bad shit and being pissed off. I won’t tell you not to do drugs of any kind (accept coke because that shit just sucks, LoL) because I have done every drug I could get my hands on at one point or another, but after being clean for like a year and a half I have found that the good feeling I get now are much more gratifying than those I was getting from drugs. So do what you will and have fun doing it, just be safe so that you can do it again.

  36. 36 rockprata said at 2:09 am on March 18th, 2008:

    If the gov would take the money from the drug war and Iraq and buy everyone an American made product we would have the lowest unemployment rate in the world and Detroit could afford a real good show for us to all try E at. Go Me.

  37. 37 communist daughter said at 3:10 am on March 19th, 2008:

    haha, very cute. i really enjoyed that.
    i also enjoyed the comments…people are equally cute.
    but really. despite what most people would have you believe, there’s really nothing wrong with altered states of consciousness, as long as you’re smart about it. if you get your thrills off of adrenaline, the smart thing to do is not go bungee-jumping without a cord. approach drug use the same way.

  38. 38 marc said at 8:56 am on April 30th, 2008:

    i feel it important that it is pointed out that dehydration is not the main killer when taking e but the opposite. people feel hot and dehydrated and drink an awful lot of water. trying to urinate on e is difficult and something that must be remembered as the need can disappear. the brain drowns at the excess liquid in your system. a moderate drinking pissing regime is the safest.

  39. 39 Tyler said at 5:02 pm on May 15th, 2008:

    The only problem with this is everyone knows peanuts are way better than e. If you pack that in a bowl and light it, you get sent to a world of sparling rainbows and dancing pixies. I’ll take my chances on peanuts.
    TRY IT!

  40. 40 u guys are dumn fucks said at 1:20 pm on June 1st, 2008:

    just fucking smoke weed

  41. 41 jesse said at 12:41 am on June 5th, 2008:

    i like bacon

  42. 42 E FTW said at 3:19 pm on December 1st, 2008:

    MDMA is a fairly harmless drug when used in moderation. However, many of the chemicals that are included in the pills that people take are not. The war on drugs sucks, yes. But it is not about to be won by arguments like “peanuts are more deadly.” It’s funny, but not helpful. Like someone above me said, more people eat peanuts than experiment with MDMA. The death toll is a mute point. And as for lasting damage, let me give you a simplified version of what happens when you take MDMA. Your brain releases a flood of seratonin and dopamine. Seratonin makes you feel good and is also used to help fire synapses. Dopamine is your “reward” chemical. The other effect MDMA has makes your seratonin uptake last longer, so you get more out of the seratonin that is released. The problem comes from needing to restore seratonin. When people take MDMA all the time, they deplete their seratonin and have many problems with concentration, linear thought, depression, and in extreme cases hallucinations. So, the lesson kiddies, is DON’T TAKE MDMA EVERY FREAKIN DAY, WEEK, OR MONTH! It CAN be bad for you, but when used in moderation, the damage is completely reversible. Learn before you burn.

    ~Peace Love and Happiness~


  43. 43 DeadVerse said at 11:35 am on January 21st, 2009:

    actually, MDMA is not known to kill anyone, if it was regulated and bought normally people wouldnt die. the ones that kill themselves accidently over saturate themselves or dehydrate themselves.

    the MDMA “Pills” sold as “E” are generally low dose MDMA and high dose Meth (ice) or other piperzines or DXM or 2C’s

    MDMA is a relatively safe drug. if concerned about seratonin levels a does of 5-htp after will restore a good bit of it.

    liver damage can be caused, but its MUCH less sever than that of alcohol, and the effects on the brain are also less severe.

  44. 44 heather newsome said at 7:17 pm on March 23rd, 2009:

    If it feels good then it is forbidden peanuts do not make us feel good there fore enjoy…. all drugs should be legal

  45. 45 Jacob said at 3:10 pm on March 31st, 2009:

    Now well some of you people are right whenyou say that peanuts are food and that x is a drug, these are just classifications of different “drugs”. Peanuts have an effect on the body just like every drug that can be taken, whether it be the nutrients in food, the air we breathe or the drugs we take. All of them have chemical make-ups that supply our bodies with various nutrients that can be useful to the body and mind. The better understood things are those that are accepted, and the ones that arent understood or the affects havent been properly reasearched get a bad rap. While i am not saying that all drugs are good or bad, i am saying that thier could be unknown benefits from drugs that havent been completely researched. And just because you cant handle a drug doesnt mean that someone else cant. If you think that illicit drugs are heresy then consider the fact that the partnership for a drug free america, consist of and is not limited to, BIG TABACCO, BIG ALCOHOL, AND THE PHARMACY INDUSTRY. There will never be a drug free america as in america it is common practice to provide pills to people from the moment they are born to keep them within the norms of society aka ridaline or any ADD medication. Its just a matter of deciding for yourself which drugs are needed at the time, and only taking drugs which you know you can control. People can lose control of their eatng as they become mentally addicted to the satifascton provided by food. It just a matter of the perspective you take on the issue, one from inside the box with the majority, or from outside with the minority. It is always easier to blend in with the majority of the people in the world.

  46. 46 Taylor said at 7:08 pm on April 3rd, 2009:

    ok, to start your comparison doesnt work. the difference in ratios between total number of people eating peanuts compared to peanut deaths vs the total number of people taking E compared to E deaths makes E much more lethal

  47. 47 Alan said at 2:29 pm on April 4th, 2009:

    Most (if not all for that matter) deaths from mdma/E consumption comes from over hydration or dehydration. either the person in question doesnt drink enough water, over heats and then dies OR they drink too much and essentially drown themselves from the inside out.

    the second one is a lot easier to do as it makes it harder to pee when on it but its still over all, pretty difficult to achieve. Almost always youll puke up before you get a chance to even slightly damage yourself.

    all you need is education on how it works and there is no reason why everyone who took it couldnt be safe while doing it.

    talking about the supposed “long term” effects that the drug is associated dont compare even nearly to the damage done by alcohol and cigarettes (or caffine for that matter) from long term use, the latter being able to cause a slow a painful death from lung cancer.

    And let me tell you that there are very very few people who would even entertain the idea of taking mdma/E every day. not with the feeling the day after to contend with. its almost self regulating.

    oh, also, its not physically addictive.

    form your own opinions but the above points are hard to argue with. logic seems to have no place in the drugs war.

  48. 48 Droghe leggere. - Pagina 24 - Politica in Rete Forum said at 3:46 am on August 11th, 2009:

    […] […]

  49. 49 medicina moksha said at 12:53 pm on January 28th, 2010:

    Deadly Nuts: If Peanuts Were Portrayed Like E…

    L’ecstasy uccide circa 3-9 americani l’anno. Le arachidi uccidono circa 50-100 americani l’anno. Il tasso di mortalità fra i consumatori di ecstasy è stato stimato tra .002% e .05%. Comparativamente, .1% degli americani rischiano la pr…

  50. 50 Ted Mosby said at 8:06 pm on May 12th, 2011:

    peanuts dont kill people. drugs and ignorance do.