Healthy Drug Users vs. Obese Narcophobes

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Contrary to popular belief, America is not the fattest country in the world. Kuwait and six South Pacific island countries have managed to be more porcine. However, considering that almost three quarters of adult Americans are overweight according to their body mass index it is still ironic that the United States, that contains “The Land of the Fat,” violently and aggressively leads the global charge in punishing drug users everywhere for “their own health.”

Arrest That Man!

Say No to Drugs

I would assert that, on average, people who eat at McDonald’s everyday will be substantially more unhealthy than a person who uses a drug such as marijuana, cocaine, or heroin, once a week. For those familiar with occasional drug users (the vast majority of drug users are not addicts) and fast food regulars this is not a radical proposition, however, I doubt a study to evaluate this hypothesis will be receiving grant money any time soon.

This irony of obese narcophobes damning drug usage was vividly visible when I attended the oldest American fair last month, Pennsylvania’s York County Fair. (Don’t miss the sign to the lower left.)

Fried Twinkies

Say Yes to Fried Twinkies


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