Why Your Team Is More Awesome Than the Yankees

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Your Team Is More Awesome Than the Yankees

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Being awesome is taking the hand you are dealt and going beyond expectations with intelligence, performance, and hard work. Being awesome is welcoming competition because it will test your skills and prove your greatness. Giving yourself an unfair advantage and then declaring yourself a champion worthy of praise is childish and lame. Yet this is what “great” teams do in Major League Baseball.

The big-spending baseball teams always have a massive advantage. Imagine a recreational league where every year the best teams were able to take the best players from the unsuccessful teams. Would that be fair? Wouldn’t it be moronic for the stacked teams to boast and prance around like peacocks when they win? This silliness is what baseball fans have to tolerate annually.

For every small-market fan out there, remember your time will rarely come … but when it does, your team will have done it the hard way and it will be awesome—awesome in a way the fans of “great” franchises will never experience.

2012 MLB Division Series Team Salaries (millions)

Yankees 198
Tigers 132
Giants 118
Cardinals 110

Reds 82
Orioles 81
Nationals 81
Athletics 55

Dedicated to the 2012 Orioles, the 2012 Nationals, and Joe Orsulak.


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