Pot Prohibitionists Hate Children

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Pot Prohibitionists Hate Children


1. “Calif. Agrees to Cut Billions, Reaches Budget Deal,” MSNBC, 21 July 2009. LINK
2. “Marijuana Legalization: For First Time, Poll Finds Majority Support in California,” Drug War Chronicle, Issue #580, 10 April 2009. LINK
3. Dan Walters, “California Tax Board: Legal Pot Could Generate $1.4 Billion,” Sacramento Bee, 15 July 2009. LINK

2 Comments on “Pot Prohibitionists Hate Children”

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  2. 2 Taylor said at 5:04 pm on October 1st, 2009:

    not to mention the $40k a year that every prisoner drains from taxes, they could have saved.

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