Jeremy Mayfield: Another Drug War Victim

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Jeremy Mayfield Drug War Victim

In its wrangling with Jeremy Mayfield, NASCAR confuses having a positive drug test with actual impairment.* Stimulants are used to assist in driving. (Coffee anyone?) If Mayfield does use methamphetamine, it is clear that he does so in a responsible manner.** Unfortunately, in the War on Drugs that is irrelevant.

* The Drug Czar recently made the same error when he raised alarms about the percentage of drivers testing positive for marijuana (LINK). He did not bother to note that marijuana’s psychoactive effects only last hours while trace amounts can stay in the system for up to a month.

** For testimony about Mayfield’s work ethic from his manager, a former police officer, go to this LINK.


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2 Comments on “Jeremy Mayfield: Another Drug War Victim”

  1. 1 Donna said at 11:46 pm on July 16th, 2009:

    The only person who could possibly say that you can use meth and not have it affect your everyday lifestyles which include eating driving talking normal everyday behavior is someone who hasn’t used the drug it only takes 3 days for cocaine or for meth to get out of your system so if jeremy is testing positive in 3 on a regular basis he is using quite frequently, and using one time going on the track which his step mom claims then he is a danger to the other 42 drivers on the track and he has no right to put thier lives in danger. It is awful convient that now she is testifing against him that all of the sudden he is claiming that she killed his father and if this is true why was there never even an investigation into that I would be more apt to believe that his dad was depressed because his son was doing drugs. I don’t see nascar setting someone up for using drugs. i don’t believe in alot of things nascar does but to set somebody up for doing drugs, and why is no other driver having issues the only other drivers or crew members that have tested positive took thier punishment and moved on. Accept responsibilaty for your own stuff. He didn’t think they would test him because he wasn’t racing yet, well they suprised him. I have done meth long ago mind you but i wouldn’t want to drive on a limited amount of roadway at 200 miles an hour with someone on meth

  2. 2 CHESTER BURTON JONES said at 9:28 pm on January 8th, 2010:

    What a shame for Jeremy; one of the nice guys in the sport. If he was using all the time whay doesn’t he look like it. All the meth users
    I have seen pictures of look disheveled, crazy puils and no teeth. Instead he is banned with out recouse, career ruined and loosing everything. why werent the results sent to Labcorp and why hasn’t the world anti doping agency been involved in creasting a valid testing policyy like the NFL; I realize that NASCAR is a private entity, but save face please.