We’re War Pigs. So? You got a problem with that?

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This cartoon stems from my amazement at recent comments made by Dick Cheney, George W. Bush, and John McCain about the Iraq War. Their gall is breathtaking.

Its right column contains morsels I’ve heard from hawks in the past.

Just like with the Drug War, the Iraq War was precipitated by dishonest fearmongering (LINK to Bush’s Iraq Lies), suffering caused by the war is used to further justify the war, and the people making the money are behind it all.


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  8. In 2005 I received a lengthy e-mail forward damning Jane Fonda for her ideological treason during the Vietnam War.
  9. While listening to fundamentalist Christian radio several years back a Christian American soldier was interviewed during a segment decrying the negative coverage of the Iraqi War. He compared America’s involvement to Jesus Christ’s violence in the temple towards merchants.

2 Comments on “We’re War Pigs. So? You got a problem with that?”

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