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I am a former inner-city teacher and public defender. My expertise is in defending recreational drug use, sex work, and other consensual adult activities that the American government deems criminal. When media sensationalism and political fear-mongering are confronted with facts, it is apparent that the unintended consequences of these prohibitions have caused much greater suffering than the activities themselves.

While numerous authorities question these failed policies, few are willing to defend the outlawed behavior because it is "bad." The issue is not whether you would do these activities or whether you would want your children to do them. The issue is whether adults who do these activities responsibly should be incarcerated in a free society.

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Feral House's You Will Die The Burden of Modern TaboosA book that vigorously defends heroin users and sex workers? You Will Die: The Burden of Modern Taboos does that and more to demonstrate that taboos are not relics of primitive societies. America has its own ridiculous phobias and beliefs that cause boredom, suffering, and death.

You Will Die exposes the fallacies and the history behind our taboos on excrement, sex, drugs, and death. From the proper way to defecate to how to reach nirvana, anticipate the unexpected. It is not simply a novel exploration of sex and drugs, but also of individuality, liberty, and the meaning of life. You Will Die gives readers a new way of seeing their world and allows them to make a more informed choice about living an authentic life.

It won the 2008 Montaigne Medal for most thought-provoking independent book. Feral House released the latest edition on January 8, 2013.

CoyneThe purpose of Narco Polo is to defend recreational drug use—and all other consensual adult activities—that the American government deems criminal. Its cartoons are regularly featured at Boing Boing.

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